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Uniforms and Spiritwear Ordering


Our Uniform Hub through Soccer Village is now open! 


The full uniform kit should cost between $70-80 depending on the options you select.

Click on the box below to start the uniform ordering process:


We are excited to introduce our Spiritwear Store brought to you by Soccer Village.  Accessing the Spiritwear Shop is the same as accessing the Uniform Store (see instructions to the right).


Also, Soccer Village has opened a retail store in Mayfield Heights and there are a few spiritwear items on display at the store.

Uniform Ordering Instructions

  1. Click on the Soccer Village Uniform Hub BLUE box to the left.
  2. Enter your email address and password if you have previously ordered and click Login.
  3. If you are a new user please enter the requested information in the Sign Up portion and then click Sign Up.  Do not register your child’s information.  A parent or guardian over the age of 18 must be registered for the order to be accepted.
    1. The first time you login you will need to add your player(s) to your account. Going forward when you login you will NOT need to re-enter any of this information and instead just select the player you are ordering for.
    2. Once you select Add a New Player it will prompt you to enter the group code (WSC20) for that player and hit enter. You will then just need to update all of the remaining fields and click Add Player.
    3. After this initial set-up, just choose the player you want to order for and the system will take you through the ordering process. Click on the shopping cart for checkout to review and complete the order once all items are selected.
  4. Our Uniform Kit includes the following items and have special pricing as a package:
    1. Blue Jersey - either Youth or Adult sizes
    2. Black Jersey - either Youth or Adult sizes 
    3. Black Shorts - either Youth or Adult sizes
    4. Black Socks - see details for sizing
  5. If you are ordering for more than one player , please remember to go back after placing the first order, and choose CHANGE PLAYER in the upper right corner of the page before choosing items for that next order.

  6. You can select to pick up your order at the Mayfield Heights, OH store to save shipping costs.

Additional Tips for Uniform Ordering

  • You do NOT need to provide a uniform number.  WSC will provide uniform numbers and will try to accommodate requests from your registration (No Numbers are Guaranteed).
  • If you would like to try on the uniform for sizing, there are uniforms available at the Soccer Village store in Mayfield Heights to try on.
  • For parents with orders for several players in the family, there will be no extra shipping overall.  The orders are placed separately - this is what happens in our system:

    • Your first order is charged shipping as usual. 
    • When you place the first order, after clicking to place it, at the bottom of your screen you will see ‘DO YOU WANT TO PLACE ANOTHER ORDER?’

    • Reply yes there and change the player info for your next player. Your next order will have $3 shipping. 

  • Safari web browser (Apple products default ) does not work with our system if you are on PRIVATE BROWSING MODE. If you use an Apple device and do not want to go off private browsing,  please use another browser like Firefox or Google Chrome (in the app store) and use with Apple products to get on the website.  Or you can take off private browsing and proceed. 

  • If your browser is set to Block all cookies, our TEAMHUB will not load in most instances.  You will have to allow cookies to get in.