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U6 Academy

U6 Practice

  • Practice night is Tuesday from 6:15 - 7:15 at Lincoln Park.
  • Each group will move through mulitiple stations consisting of different game based drills.
  • Each station will be approximately 8-10 minutes long with the players getting water during or in between stations as needed.
  • Stations will be designed to place a soccer ball at each individual’s feet for as many touches as possible. The station should encourage dribbling with some limited passing and kicking of the ball. The goal for each station is for the player to have fun while getting as many touches with the ball as possible! There will be little to no coaching instruction.
  • Players will start with their pre-assigned group leader (coach). The group leader will stay at the station as the group moves through the other stations. Parents and assistant group leaders will move with the group throughout the other stations.
  • Each group will get a set of colored pinnies to wear during practice.
  • Stations will be very close in proximity to each other.
  • Equipment - Size 4 Soccer Ball, Shin guards, and Water.
  • Players should carry their water from station to station.

U6 Game Day

  • Game Days are Saturday morning at 10:30 AM at Lincoln Park.
  • Game Days will consist of multiple groups playing with and against each other. The Group Leaders are to mix and match the groups as best as possible.  The goal is to have each 3v3 or 4v4 game as competitive for each and every player as possible.  There will be multiple games taking place between the two groups of players. Every player should be playing (No SUBS). Setup an additional field if need be.
  • FORMAT - 3v3 or 4v4 (NO GOALIES)
  • FIELD - Each game will be assigned to a U8 sized field. The games are to be played across 1/2 the U8 fields to PUGG goals. If you have excess players setup an additional field where possible. Goal is to get all the kids playing from each group.
  • EQUIPMENT - Size 4 Soccer Ball, Shin guards, Uniform, and Water.
  • OUT OF BOUNDS - This is flexible. If the player is doing their best to reenter the ball into the playing field then allow them to continue playing. If players are going completely in the wrong direction stop them and throw the ball back into play. Object is to get the kids back to playing as quickly as possible.
  • FLOW OF THE GAME - All players should be involved as much as possible. Game should move back and forth from goal to goal. Encourage the players to dribble and score as often as possible.
  • GAME LENGTH - Should be no longer than 45 minutes. If players are starting to lose interest, and they will, feel free to finish with a game based drill involving both groups and all the group leaders. Examples would be..shark and minnows, kick the coach, knock out!

U6 and U8 Academy Kick Off Approaching

Our U6 and U8 Academy season is almost upon us.  We have almost 100 kids signed up for the season!  If you have not registered and are interested in playing, please register ASAP.  Here are a few reminders:

  • U6 Academy will practice on Tuesday nights from 6:15-7:15.  The first practice will be Tuesday, August 21nd
  • U8 Academy will practice on Thursday nights from 6:15-7:15.  The first practice will be Thursday, August 23th
  • U6 Academy games will be Saturday mornings at 10:30 AM.  The first game will be Saturday, August 25th.
  • U8 Academy games will be Saturday mornings at 9:00 AM.  The first game will be Saturday, August 25th.

All practice and games will be at Lincoln Park.  Teams will be assigned shortly.  If you do not hear from your coach next week, please come to the first practice at Lincoln Park.

Pictures will be Saturday morning, September 22 at Lincoln Park.  Picture times will be emailed  


Kevin Zavodny, Academy Director


Tim McArthur, VP Academy Soccer

Ben Schaum, WSC President