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Spring Soccer Information

Fall Soccer Program

For soccer players born between 2004 and 2010 that would like to register for our 2018-2019 season, please contact Ben Schaum at to see if there is a roster space available at your child's age group.

Academy Registration Open through August 1st!

For our soccer players born between 2011 and 2014, our Academy registration is still open.  Please click on the "Registration is Open" picture to get more information and register.

Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Registration

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SOPER SILENT SUNDAY - September 23rd


Date: 9/23//2018

Soper Silent Sunday has been a regular event within the league for the past 15 years developed by OHTSL retired president Al Soper and Carl Pavolich, a longtime NOGSL board member.
The concept is that youth players need to develop communication skills within the game of soccer. The opportunities for players to dictate the match has unfortunately, become drowned out by parents and coaches who do a lot of the talking for them.
Soper Silent Sunday does not allow for any parents to yell anything during the game other than to applaud a good play, goal or save. It also minimizes the coaches role to only be able to call out for substitutions and have conversations with players on the bench. The only exception to this rule is at the U9 age, where coaches are still encouraged to coach, as players are still learning and developing within the game, however we as a league promote even U9 coachs to keep coaching to a minimum on this day, if possible.

On this Sunday September 23, Soper Silent Sunday will be mandated. Referees cannot decide not to honor Silent Sunday nor can coaches or parents. Coaches are responsible to remind your parents of this weekend and the value to the players. Any parent or coach not adhering to Silent Sunday will first be warned and then asked to leave the facility. Referees will receive an email reminder as well as all coaches and reps.

Keep points to remember:
1) U-9 coaches only may continue to give instruction and talk to players on the field during the game.

2) All Coaches with the exception of U9, should refrain from coaching during the match, with the exception of calling out substitutions, and conversations to players on the bench.

3) Parents should refrain throughout all match including U9 from any communication other than to applaud and be supportive of the play on the field, when the play is dead (i.e. substitution, ball goes out, goal is scored, etc.)

4) Please remember the goal of Soper Silent Sunday is to give the players a voice, so please do your best to support this opportunity to develop a specific area of the game which must be encouraged for successful play to occur, as players continue to grow.

Special Offer at Sol and The Players Club

Willoughby Soccer Club is excited to announce a special offer from Sol and The Players Club!  On Saturdays and Sundays, kids eat free from the kids menu when they wear their Willoughby Soccer Club uniform at both Sol and The Players Club at Lost Nation Sports Park.   You must purchase 1 adult entree for every 2 kids meals.  

If you would like to eat at Sol, please call ahead for a reservation or click on for reservations.  No reservations are necessary at The Players Club at Lost Nation Sports Park.

Willoughby Soccer Club

Willoughby Soccer Club is the official representative of US Youth Soccer serving over 350 players age 4-15 from the Communities of Willoughby and Willoughby Hills.  

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